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Art events by #ArtistsforRaksha (Workshops, Video Tutorials)

Do check out the amazing, fun art events our artists are lining up for you during the week of the Art Show.
If you want to request a workshop from a participating artist, or have specific questions, do email us at [email protected]!



Mandala Workshop
By Sneha Narayanan
Friday, October 30, 2020.  | 4 PM EST
Registration & Information:
Description: Mandalas are believed to represent the universe itself and the many repeating patterns inherent within it. Though they’ve been used as tools and teachers in Eastern (and western) spirituality for thousands of years, they’ve also existed in nature for  eons longer. Come to this workshop and learn how to design your own little piece of the universe!
Artist website:
IG: @snehanarayananarts
Decorative Name & Fish Zentangle Art Workshops
Take your doodling to the NEXT LEVEL! Learn the amazing art of Zentangle - with something as basic as a ballpoint pen and paper - all while having your lunch at your desk. Link to register in comments.
Starting on Saturday, October 24:
Decorative Name Zentangle Art Workshop Dates:
10/24 : 3-4pm ET
10/29: 12-1pm ET
Fish Zentangle Art Workshop Dates:
10/27 : 12-1pm ET
10/30 : 12-1pm ET
Register and send payment ($5 per class) to receive your meeting invite and link to join.
Fee: $5/one hour session/person
For questions: email: [email protected]
Virtual Madhubani Painting Workshop by Shachi Srivastava
Shachi Srivastav (@srijan.shachi) offers Madhubani Workshops all year round. Do register on the link above and get in touch with her for inquiries.
Date: Sunday, October 25, 2-4PM EST. 
About: Learn the basics of this vibrant art in this virtual Madhubani Painting Workshop by Artist Shachi Srivastava!
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