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Pointers for Artists to effectively use social media and virtual platforms

Are you intimidated by social media? Not sure how this works? We are here to help.

On this page you can find all the helpful info you will need to know, as an artist, on using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and selling your art on our virtual platform. Please click on the tabs on your left for specific platforms.

How does this benefit Raksha and you, the artist?

  • A virtual Art Show makes it easier for artists and audiences to connect. 
  • Artists, on the other hand, stand to benefit from our growing community of followers on social media as well as that of the community allies and organizations who support us and follow us. 
  • This year, our goal is to empower artists, survivors and help create funds to support our clients during these difficult times. We will not charge an entry/ hanging fee for artists but we are opening avenues for donations by asking artists to (optionally) allocate a % of their final sales to benefit survivors.
  • Some of the participating artists are proficient in social media while some are not. We want to make this know-how as simple and accessible to all to ensure we are able to provide equal opportunity and promotion to all participating artists.
How to: Stories, Posts, Artist Pages

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform, best used via its mobile app. The primarily visual platform is perfect for art and imagery, displaying art collections, and getting noticed and followed by serious buyers, collectors, and people who just plain love art.

Using Instagram for the Raksha Art Show:

Create an artist page. You could create one just for your art even if you have a personal page already. (Example @hatecopy)

Keep up with the event tags. Search and click on "follow" for #rakshaartshow #artofresilience #rakshainc - this links you to all the posts we make for the art show as well as includes your work in the Raksha art show gallery on Instagram. (Example: @artistsupportpledge)

Plan on taking pictures every step of the way. And each time you post, don’t forget to use the # above, so your art gets noticed by the 900+ followers on Raksha’s page!

Start with announcing your participation in the show. Post a photo of your blank canvas, rough sketches, previous art you want to recreate, something that inspires you - anything! (Remember to tag) (Examples: @tokame_art; @blossoms_antiques)

Different ways to post on Instagram: 

  • Posting an Instagram story (gets more visibility as stories display on top of any page but stories are temporary (expire after 24 hours)).
    1. Open Instagram, go to your home page via the house icon in the bottom left.
    2. Tap on “your story” at the top left of your screen. This will pull up the options to post a story.
    3. Here, you can post an image from your phone’s photo library or take a new photo or video.
    4. When you are done taking a photo or video you can add stickers or draw on the image.
    5. Mention @rakshainc and use the tags #rakshaart2020 , #artofresilience, #rakshainc
      • To mention someone, tap on the sticker option and choose the “@mention” sticker.
      • To tag your image, tap on the sticker option and then choose the “#hashtag” sticker.
    6. Lastly, to post the snap tap “send to” button. Tap on the “share” button next to “your story”. You may also tap on “sharing options” and choose to share this story directly to your Facebook account.
    7. Here are some great examples of artists using their Instagram story to share their work: (open the link and click through the “highlights” listed at the top of the page)
  • Share an Instagram post (does not disappear unless deleted and gets seen by more over time)
    1. Open Instagram, tap on the plus sign at the bottom center of your screen to create a new post.
    2. This post creator will give you the option to upload something from your library or take a new photo or video from within the app.
    3. If you have an image that is not square choose the resize option to make the image fit to the original ratio. (Note: Instagram limits posts to be a 3:4 or 4:3 ratio)
    4. If you’d like to post a slideshow of multiple images choose the multiple images option  and then select the images you want in the order you want them to be seen.
    5. When you’re ready, tap on “next”. The next screen will give you the option to add a filter.
    6. When you’re ready, tap on “next”. This last screen allows you to add a caption, tag related accounts, add a location, and post to your other accounts or social media platforms. From here you can choose the option to share on Facebook as well.
    7. Use the tags #rakshaart2020 and #artofresilience in your caption and mention @rakshainc in your image! We would love to see what you are working on! 
      • You can prompt the caption to tag or mention something or someone you can simply type “#” or “@” and the app will provide a search box to find what you need.
      • You can also mention @rakshainc by using the “tag people” option.
    8. Finally, when you are done you can hit “share” to send out the post to your page!
    9. Here are some great examples of artists using their Instagram to promote their work: (browse through their pages for ideas!)
How to: Posts, Stories, Event Page, Artist Pages

Facebook is great for artists to have artist pages or shops to sell art. You can follow or participate in events (like the Raksha Art Show) and engage with conversations, groups and reach a wider audience.  (via Facebook's desktop webpage or mobile app). Facebook allows more space for telling stories, discussions, learning in groups, and sharing multiple images of art AND videos!


Using Facebook for the Raksha Art Show:

Posting updates on your work for the Art Show will reach more than 2000 followers of Raksha.

Different ways to post on Facebook:

  • Make a general post on Facebook:
    1. On your home page find the box that says “What’s on your mind, [your name]?” This is where you can start to create a new post.
      • Live video: start a live stream (for example, sharing your technique) that will be broadcasted to your Facebook friends and to Raksha’s followers, who can in turn share with their friend lists.
      • Photo/video: here you can upload a selection of photos and videos
    2. When you’re done selecting your files, feel free to add a caption. Don’t forget to add hashtags  #rakshaart2020 and #artofresilience. 
    3. Click on the “post” button when you are done.
    4. Here are some artists who use Facebook to promote their work:
  • Create Facebook albums for your art collections: (organized, easy to update)
    1. When you have open, click on your name (typically in the top right of the webpage) to be taken to your profile page.
    2. Click on “Photos” and then click on “+ Create Album”. Here you can upload as many photos or videos of your work all in one album to keep things organized. You can come back later and open the album against and add more photos to it.
    3. When you’re done selecting your files, feel free to add a caption. Don’t forget to tag your post with #rakshaartshow and #artofresilience.
    4. Here is an example of an artist that effectively uses the album feature to promote themselves.
      1. @bangtan.official
  • Share on Raksha, Inc.’s Art Show Facebook Event Page: (direct, easy, and very useful for following updates)
    1. When you open, go to the search bar and search for the "Raksh, Inc." Facebook page.
    2. Click on “events” and then click on “Raksha Art Show 2020: The Art of Resilience” to be taken to the event page.
    3. Click on “discussion” and then click on “add a post”. Here you can make a post that can directly promote your art, updates to those interested in this event!
FAQs on Selling Art on the Raksha Art Show

Where will my art be showcased for sale?

On the Art Catalog section on the Raksha website. As we get final submissions, we will populate the catalog with your art images, description, artist bio etc. However, the actual link to purchase will LIVE on the day of the event, October 23 through October 31.

If the link to purchase will go live on October 23, why am I being asked to send my preferred method of payment, bio, description, pictures, weekly updates on work in progress etc? 

We plan to promote you and your art to the best possible extent. By sharing artists bios, videos, posts, Work-In-Progress updates from you on our social media, we aim to build visibility for your artwork over a longer period of time. Also, your artwork listing on the catalog will show with complete information, long before the sales open.

Knowing your preferred payment mode, helps us in planning better in terms of linking the information to your art listing on our catalog and also with helping you in case you are interested in setting up an Artist page, eBay seller profile or listing etc. 

What are my options in terms of sales platform?

Anything that can be embedded as a link on your artwork listing on the catalog. Existing e-commerce platform (website, Shopify pages), eBay, Facebook/ Instagram Shop, or artist email address.

What is Raksha's role in the sale of artwork?

Raksha will include links to your preferred mode of payment on the art catalog, such that clicking on each artwork thumbnail will lead the buyer to whichever platform the artist has chosen to sell. Thereafter, the final sales transactions and shipping are between buyer and seller.

Raksha's role is ensure visibility, introduce the artists to our diverse and growing audiences on Facebook, Instagram and website and help you with your listings. 

Artists will be responsible for deciding the sale price and shipping their art to the buyer. We urge artists to factor in price of shipping in the listing price/ pricetag.

Why is Raksha allowing for so many options in terms of selling platform?

This year, Raksha is opening the option to donate part of sales to Raksha's mission, on whichever platform the artists chooses to sell. We prefer eBay for Charity as the platform allows for automatic transferring of donations to Raksha's paypal fund account as well as to the artist's paypal account. However, we are cognizant of the fact that some artists may be uncomfortable about/unwilling/unable to create eBay listings. So while we will suggest that e4C is a convenient way to allocate % of sales to Raksha, we are open to using your preferred method (email address, FB/IG page shop links/ website) as long as it can be linked to your artwork listing on our catalog.

Why am I being asked so many questions on selling preferences and eBay?

Raksha is working actively to understand your preferences and proficiency as an artist in selling art online. This allows to understand support you may or may not need. Also, this year, Raksha wants to make it easier for artists who want to donate % of their final sales to Raksha. For this reason, we are encouraging (not mandating) artists to create listing for their Raksha artwork on eBay and nominate Raksha as a charity of their choice.  This will allow an automated bifurcation of donation to Raksha and remaining amount from sale to the artist.

I am willing to try eBay to list my art but I am new to this. 

Raksha can help you with this. We also have these resources for you to start with:


You can change/ modify information on the registration form until October 2, 2020.

Please write to [email protected] for clarifications or more details.


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