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for Registration and Submission deadline!



This link will take you to an external Google Form to fill out. Return to this page if you want more information on the event.

What are the requirements/ steps needed to participate in the Raksha? 

  1. Complete the registration form that informs us of your intent in participating. You will be able to edit content even after submitting until you submit your art or we close registrations.
  2. Once Raksha has your intent to participate and registration information, you will receive an Artist Agreement/ Contract form, which confirms your participation in the show, upon signing and returning it.
  3. Please follow guidelines on sharing updates on your creation process, which will be used to promote your art on all our platforms. 
  4. The sooner you register and send us visuals of your art-in-progress, the better we can do in terms of promoting the artwork on all our platforms.
  5. Please submit your artwork by October 2, 2020 (pictures of your completed artwork with pricing and other specs)
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