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The Raksha Poetry & Chai Series is a compilation of video series of poetry readings by South Asian poets.
Step into a unique brew of verse, steeped into the distinct aromas and flavors of the South Asian experience, hued with the ubiquitous values of hope and resilience. In this series, Raksha is proud to showcase original poems by 20 local South Asian poets, who have also shared works of published poets that inspire them the most. The finale of this round will now happen on August 7, 5PM. Videos available on our Facebook event page (link above) and video playlist.
This webinar is part of the Raksha Resilience Series of virtual conversations aimed at helping the South Asian communities navigate the pandemic with resources and culturally responsive conversations.

Webinar: Mental Wellness in the New Normal (a Minority Mental Health perspective)

Join this safe space to listen and learn about navigating the new normal with a focus on optimizing mental health. Acknowledge and understand impacts of COVID-19 on minority mental health, including grief, loss, anxiety, stress.

This conversation will be led by Swati Bakre, LCPC, who comes with over 10 years of clinical experience in the treatment of trauma and a passion for building discussions that destigmatize, decolonize mental health and increase access to underserved communities.

Swati will speak about identifying and dealing with stressors, suicidality, depression with coping and prevention strategies and tools like mindfulness and self care.

Come and join us as we celebrate 21 years of Ek Shaam for a night of storytelling, friendship, and entertainment!

“Together We Heal” Join us to bring this year’s theme with Amita Swadhin.

Raise funds to touch 40 thousand South Asian lives that Rakhsa has supported in its lifetime.

$100 Early Bird

$1000 Table for 10

$110 at the door

$50 students 

Raksha South Asian Inspired Apparel Sale
Ek Shaam for Raksha 2018

Ek Shaam Raksha Ke Naam 2017 – November 10th at The Westin Perimeter North

Join us for our annual fundraiser Ek Shaam Raksha Ke Naam at the Westin!  This year, ‘Junior’ Anand Gupta, entrepreneur, social justice activist, and founder of Seeking Her Empowerment and of Ninja Girl Handbags takes the stage.  You may have seen his TED talk here.  Music is by rythmspace.  

Ek Shaam 2017

BuHiHalf – 10k, 5k, 2-mile stroll

What are you doing Oct. 1? Come hang out with us on Buford Highway! We are a partner for the 2017 @BuHiHalf.   Run or walk your choice of a 13.1, 10k, 5k, 2-mile stroll course or bike the 13mile course down the center lane of Buford Highway.  THEN WE EAT! 20 BuHi restaurants provide authentic international food samples at the finish line for participants. 


Join Raksha and Deeksha School of Performing Arts for  Prakriti July 29th at Joe Mack Auditorium , KSU Dance Auditorium.  T

Prakriti (or Shakti) means energy, power, movement, change, nature. It is the maternal principle – the provider. The first half focuses on dances depicting the creative feminine energy and is mythological. The second half focuses on a drama depicting societal boundaries of women through the transformation of an untouchable girl whose name is Prakriti. It is written by Tagore, adapted and directed in Hindi by renowned theater personality Usha Ganguli. Funds raised go to Raksha.




Save the date for Ek Shaam Raksha Ke Naam
Ek Shaam Raksha Ke Naam 2015

November 1st, 2014 Ek Shaam Raksha Ke Naam


 Join us for the 16th Annual Ek Shaam Raksha Ke Naam (An Evening in the Name of Raksha) November 1st.

Raksha wants to celebrate the youth in our community especially the ones who come to Raksha for services,  who volunteer their time, and who are making change in the community.    Raksha comes in contact with many youth and believe that the youth in our community  are strong and resilient !! We celebrate their strength, resilience,and voice!

The evening will include Tapas ( Italian and Indian), music, and dancing.  We will have a silent auction and a community art project!!!

November 8th, 2014


sabagalogo (1)

Raksha is proud to announce that SABA-GA is hosting its first annual banquet to support the provision of needed legal services to the South Asian community. This year’s banquet will benefit Raksha, Inc., 100% of the banquet’s proceeds will go directly to support Raksha’s clients’ access to legal services. We are excited that Fulton County Solicitor General Carmen D. Smith will be our keynote speaker. Ms. Smith has been Fulton County’s Solicitor General since 1996, and is a champion of victims of domestic violence. Solicitor General Carmen Smith and her office have been strong partners of Raksha over the years!!!

May 8, 2014
Carmen Smith, Solicitor General - Fulton County, GA6:30 P.M.


Himalayan Spice
(located at 2773 Clairmont Road NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30329)

Banquet Flyer

sponsor flyer


Stir the Pot for International Women’s Day March 8, 2014

The Third Space
Third Space, Studioplex, 650 Auburn Avenue, Suite 503,
Atlanta , Ga 30312

Saturday, March 8, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EST)

November 2014  (TBD)

Ek Shaam Raksha Ke Naam

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