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If you are a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or an eligible immigrant, you may qualify for healthcare. Raksha caseworkers may be able to assist you with access to healthcare and health materials.

Healthcare in the United States can be very costly. Many immigrants, especially those with H-1 visas or other temporary visa, low paid workers, and small business owners are among the uninsured. Realizing the importance of healthcare through all majority and minority groups, there are free or low cost insurances one can use to take better care of himself/herself. That insurance does help you pay for your visits to the doctor, (dentist and regular physician) and sometimes for prescription drugs also.


Public Insurance Programs in Georgia

PeachCare for Kids

This health insurance covers uninsured children through the age of 18 from low-income families of Georgia. Your children may be eligible are eligible for Peachcare health insurance if the following describes you and your family:

  • U.S. citizens, certain qualified legal residents, refugees or asylees who reside in Georgia
  • Uninsured
  • Family income less than or equal to 235% of the federal poverty level, $39,000 for a family of 3 and $47,000 for a family of 4.

To find out if you are eligible click here.


Medicaid Health Insurance is available for low income families who cannot afford medical care and it can help you pay for your doctor, clinic, or other health care provider. There is an eligibility criteria for Medicaid just like other health insurance programs. The eligibility criteria includes:

Permanent resident or lawfully legal immigrant (for children’s insurance only the children’s immigrant status is important, not the parents’)

Click here to learn more about Medicaid Eligibility.

Georgia AIDS Drug Assistance Program

GAADAP is for low-income, HIV positive population. Please see this link.

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is usually provided by one’s employer or can be purchased on an individual basis. To see a list of private insurance providers and details on how to get insured, please go to this link.


How to Enroll & FAQs:

How do I get health insurance?

If you are employed and your employer has insurance plans, you can enroll in one of them. Those will be private health insurance programs. If you are low-income, you can apply for Medicaid  and Peachcare  (dependent on eligibility criteria).

Where can I go to enroll in public health insurance programs?

Community Medicaid offices, some social service organizations, health plans, hospital-based enrollers, and some  Health Departments can help you enroll in public health insurance programs. You can call Raksha or 211 and ask for resources relating public health insurance programs.

I am an undocumented immigrant. Do I have any options for health care?

Yes. Undocumented immigrants are eligible for Emergency Medicaid. There are also clinics that can provide you with needed healthcare.

If I am not eligible for any public health insurance, where can I go for low-cost care?

Please call 211 for further resources. You can also call the Raksha office for further assistance.


Options for Undocumented Immigrants:

I am an undocumented immigrant. Do I have any options for health care?

Yes. Undocumented immigrants are eligible for Emergency Medicaid. There are also clinics that can provide you with needed healthcare.

Right From the Start: This is a Medicaid funded program that offers no cost health care coverage for children and pregnant women. Click here for more information.

Georgia’s Family Planning Health Program: This program educates men and women about planning their children to better manage their basic needs of healthcare. For more on this program please visit this link.


Free or Low Cost Clinics

Acworth Community Health Center

(770) 974-3330

Marietta Community Health Center

(770) 514-2300

East Cobb Community Health Center

(678) 784-2180

Clifton Springs Health Center (Decatur)

(404) 244-2200

East DeKalb Health Center (Lithonia)

(770) 484-2600

North DeKalb Health Center (Chamblee)

(770) 454-1144

Richardson Health Center (Decatur)

(404) 294-3700

T.O. Vinson Health Center (Decatur)

(404) 294-3762

Feminist Women’s Health Center of Atlanta

(404) 728-7900

Adamsville Health Center

(404) 613-4215

Center for Health & Rehabilitation (Atlanta)

(404) 612-5835

College Park Health Center

(404) 765-4155

Lakewood Health Center

(404) 624-0626

Neighborhood Union Health Center (Atlanta)

(404) 612-4665

North Fulton Regional Health Center (Alpharetta)

(404) 332-1876

North Fulton Government Service Center (Sandy Springs)

(404) 612-CARE (2273)

Wellness-Willie J. Freeman College Park Regional Health Center (Atlanta)


Otis W. Smith, MD Grady Health Center (Atlanta)

(404) 616-0506

Buford Health Center


Lawrenceville Health Center


Norcross Health Center


Cherokee County Health Department (Canton)

(770) 345-7371

Rockdale Health Department


Cobb County Board of Health (Smyrna)

(770) 438-5105

Paulding County Health Department


Fayette County Health Department


Clayton County Board of Health Comprehensive Health Facility

(678) 610- 7199

Clayton County Board of Health Annex (Forrest Park)

(678) 610-7471

Henry County Health Department


Though Raksha primarily serves the South Asian community, we provide services to all those who face similar barriers to justice, regardless of ability, country of origin, race, religion, caste, socioeconomic status, gender identity, age, immigration status, or sexual orientation.

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