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Raksha, Inc is adhering to COVID-19 safety recommendations and has staff working remotely via having calls forwarded, checking emails and utilizing telemental health when appropriate. We continue to be there for our clients and community and can be reached at our office number from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday and by email: [email protected]

Who we are

Raksha, meaning protection, is a local non profit serving the South Asian community since 1995. Raksha's mission is to promote a stronger and healthier South Asian community through confidential support services, education, and advocacy .

Why we do it

Raksha works to ensure South Asian and other immigrant survivors have equal access to their legal rights, services, safety, and their well being . Raksha's staff and volunteers along with its Board members strongly believe in upholding its values.

What we do

Raksha works towards healing, empowerment, and justice to South Asian survivors of violence that is culturally responsive . We work together with people from all countries and religions from South Asian continent.

Understanding Coercive Control As a form of Abuse

Aisha Choudhry, MSW, LMSW Therapist, Raksha IncOn day 6 of #Raksha31daysofDVAM, we discuss control as a form of abuse. Some facts:It IS considered domestic violence even when physical violence is not present but there are controlling behaviors.Having to report to your partner when and where you are going every time, it IS a sign of […]

Statement | Ways to Help Refugees | Resources

Raksha Statement on Afghanistan & Global Humanitarian Crises (August 2021)As an organization that serves immigrant and refugee survivors of abuse and violence for 26 years, Raksha is watching the situation in Afghanistan with deep sadness. Our hearts go out to individuals, who are fleeing from political upheaval and violence and those who remain behind facing serious […]

The Paradox of Financial independence and Domestic Powerlessness

By Pratibha Salwan There are many malignant manifestations of inequality that exist within our society that permeate through our interpersonal relationships and manifest in different forms of abuse – seen or unseen. Domestic abuse is the scourge of our society where survivors find themselves vulnerable and voiceless. There is however another form of abuse that […]

Nine yards of Art: Repurposing saris to art

Wrapping up March – Women’s History Month, with a little pondering on the Saree/ Sari (n.; pronounced as saa-ree). For most South Asians, who grew up in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal or Srilanka (Ceylon), the saree or different versions of it are symbols of femininity, beauty and elegance and tradition. To some, however, a saree […]


Raksha Statement on the Shootings in Atlanta and Racialized Misogyny Targeted at AAPI Communities

Raksha sends love, light and healing to our community as we grieve the lives attacked and lost as a result of hate and gender based crimes nationally and locally targeted toward AAPI Communities.  


In our home state of Georgia, Raksha stands in solidarity with the victims, witnesses, families and community impacted by the shootings at Asian-owned businesses on March 16, 2021 which resulted in the deaths of 8 people of which 6 were Asian American women.   


We are deeply anguished by the intersectionality of gender-based violence, racism and prejudice that manifests itself through this crime. Our experience working with gender based violence for over 25 years tells us that perpetrators often use many excuses to justify their targeted violence. Structural racism and racialized misogyny breed a sense of privilege that justifies these acts of violence towards marginalized groups, minorities and women.


Honoring the pain, loss and grief inflicted by these shameful tragedies, we resolve to continue working in solidarity with our beloved community members and organizations with support and services to ensure healing, empowerment and justice for the victims impacted and communities we are a part of.


We are grateful for our community allies that are checking in, standing up and showing up for AAPI communities.   


Raksha, Inc.

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