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The Raksha Art Show is an annual art exhibition that seeks to bring together community and artists – amateur and professional; diverse or traditional – and use art to highlight and communicate issues around gender-based violence, abuse and trauma.

The Raksha Art Show 2020 is a virtual platform for artists to reflect or inspire new ways of thinking about resilience as a process of adapting, coping and rising in times of adversity and uncertainty. In doing so, we hope to highlight and honor the spirit of resilience that powers the journey of survivors of violence and abuse, on their paths toward healing and empowerment. 

Resilience is a journey. And a full spectrum of response to adversity, combining hope, strength, courage, community and creativity. Hence, we encourage artistic courage and creative freedom* to explore and create art to help broaden the palettes of perspectives.

* Evaluation and acceptance of artwork and exceptions to theme are subject to specified rules, judgment and discretion of the curation team at Raksha.

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