Eligibility, Coverage, Filing Requirements

Victims, Witnesses, Family Members or other individuals may apply for Victims Compensation if:

  • they suffered physical injury, emotional or mental trauma due to being present or threatened during a violent crime. 
  • they incurred expenses related to the crime.
  • they are parents or family members who are supporting victims financially 
  • they are a parent/guardian of someone who was injured or killed by a violent crime
  • they are a parents/guardian of a child victim and were relying on offender for financial support
  • they have suffered loss of income or support as a direct result of a violent crime
  • they came to the aid of a victim of crime
  • they are victims of family violence

Timing factors that will determine your eligibility to apply:

  • The crime must have been reported to the proper authorities within 72 hours of the crime.
  • The claim must be filed within 3 years of the crime or the death of the victim.
  • If you are filing your claim after 3 years of the crime, the Board may extend, waive the deadline IF you are able to show “good cause” (a reason that is considered justifiable/ valid for the delay in filing).

Take a quiz on the Crime Victims Comp website to see if you qualify to apply: http://crimevictimscomp.ga.gov/for-victims/find-out-if-you-may-qualify/


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