About “Unbelievable”. And Stand with Survivors Days 2021.

Help eliminate “Unbelievable”- like experiences for survivors of sexual assault and crimes!

Unbelievable (Netflix series, 2019), is an unfortunately and sickening reflection of how a combination of societal and individual bias, prejudice and insensitivity affects the system and community that is meant to protect survivors. The series reminds us to put survivors first and shows exactly how community can do harm, how officers/system can both hinder/hurt reports and/or help treat survivors with respect and dignity. Inspired by true stories, the series is a powerful testament of flaws in criminal justice system.
There are opportunities for us, as a community, to make sure we speak up and support legislations that help survivors. Raksha invites you to join in standing with survivors at this virtual advocacy event, taking place on February 8, 2021. 
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About SWSD 2021:

Stand with Survivors Days offer a advocacy platform and opportunity for Georgians across the state to highlight and bring lawmakers’ attention on the most pressing intimate partner and sexual violence -related legislative issues.
These requests to Georgia’s elected officials ensure services are not impacted by budget cuts and keep intimate partner and sexual violence survivors, their families, and communities safe.
This year, Stand with Survivors Days will take place virtually on the following dates: 
February 8th – 9:00AM – 11:00AM
Session 1: Advocacy 101
February 8th- 2:00PM – 4:00PM
Session 2
To register visit http://tinyurl.com/swsd2021
Take this opportunity to make your voice heard and effect change in our state!
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