Raksha in the News

NRI Pulse: Raksha’s Ek Shaam celebrates 28 years of advocacy, awareness, and community support, December, 2023

Raksha & Welcoming Atlanta: APD DV Training for Non-English Speakers, November, 2023

White House Honors Indian American Women Aparna Bhattacharyya as Champions of Change , May 2013

http://www.khabar.com/magazine/cover-story/hell_in_your_own_home    September 2013

http://www.sparks-mag.com/a-new-model-minority/  September 2013

http://www.khabar.com/magazine/around-town/raksha_board_of_directors_f%C3%AAtes_aparna_bhattacharyya   July 2013

http://issuu.com/gasiantimes/docs/gat25.2013     May 2013

Whitehouse.org – Raksha Director Aparna Bhattacharyya honored , May 2013

Atlanta Dunia – Raksha Director Aparna Bhattacharyya honored , May 2013

CNN Blogs – Raksha Director Aparna Bhattacharyya honored, May 2013

India America Today – White House Honors Indian American Women as Champions of Change (with video), May 2013

India America Today, White House Honoree Bhattacharya urges discussion on domestic violence (with video) May 2013

http://www.indiaabroad-digital.com/indiaabroad/20130510?pg=10#pg10   May 2013

Georgia State Signal – Raise Awareness On Rape Prevention, Mar 2013

 SAALT – South Asian American Leading Together – Aparna Bhattacharyya SUMMIT 2013 Speakers, 2013

WOW Now – Raksha Article, May 2013

3- Day 60 Mile Walk – Raksha Resilient Rebels, 2013

WOW Now – Taking the Shame Away

WOW Now – Ending Sexual Violence

NRI Pulse – Raksha Fundraiser Draws Attention to Fight Against Domestic Violence

Sulekha – Ek Shaam Raksha Ke Naam, Nov 2012

WOW Now – Peelay Benefitting Raksha, April 2012

KHABAR – The Charitable Indian-American: How, why, and where we like to give of our money and time, May 2011

NAAAP – Atlanta Annual Banquet, Apr 2011

Atlanta Dunia – Ek Shaam Raksha Ke Naam, 2011

WOW Now – Domestic Violence Real In South Asian Community

 GCADV – Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence – Board Of Directors

PRLOG – Domestic Violence Awareness , Sep 2010

Atlanta Dunia – Ek Shaam Raksha Ke Naam, 2007

KHABAR – The Lotus Of the Community – Aparna Bhattacharya, Nov 2007

Khabar – ‘Breaking the Silence’ To Tackle Family Violence, Jun 2004

SAPHA Yahoo Groups – The Raksha Symposium Ending Violence In Our Communities, Mar 2004

Khabar – Poster Boys Perform In Atlanta, Jan 2003

REDIFF – Raksha Eases Life For South Asians In Atlanta, Mar 23, 2001

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