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Mission Statement
To promote a stronger and healthier South Asian community through confidential support services, education and advocacy.

Raksha, meaning protection in several South Asian languages, is a Georgia-based nonprofit organization for the South Asian Community. Get to know Raksha’s Board of Directors and Sponsors. Founded in 1995, Raksha addresses social issues within our South Asian community such as family and sexual violence and divorce, as well as issues concerning children, senior citizens and new immigrants. View a timeline of Raksha’s history.  Though we primarily serve the South Asian community, we provide services to all those who face similar barriers to justice, regardless of ability, country of origin, race, religion, caste, socioeconomic status, gender identity, age, immigration status, or sexual orientation. The community includes people from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Find out more about who we serve. With approximately  150,000 South Asians in the metropolitan Atlanta area, Raksha’s mission is to promote a stronger and healthier community through free and confidential support services,  education, and advocacy. Raksha strives to be a source of support for all South Asians who may need support. View Raksha’s Mission and Vision. To learn more about Raksha’s work, read the stories of some of Raksha’s clients.

Opening Doors to a Stronger and Healthier South Asian Community

Raksha FAQ

Does Raksha only help women?

No. Raksha helps men and women. While a majority of our clients are women, we have assisted many male clients as well. Some of the issues male clients face include immigration, marital difficulties, financial problems, and emotional and generation conflicts.

Does Raksha only assist with family violence matters?

No. Raksha also assists with many other issues facing the South Asian community. Although a majority of our calls are domestic/family violence related, we also assist clients in other matters including sexual assault, immigration and assimilation. The majority of calls to our help line are from those affected by family violence, but as the needs and issues the community faces change, Raksha will continue to be a resource and adapt to the needs as the community’s needs change.   Raksha recognizes that family and sexual violence does not occur in a vacuum and addresses many of the issues that intersect and contribute to family and sexual  violence within the community.  This can include harassment, discrimination, immigration, access to legal services, economic empowerment, counseling, and referrals.

Does Raksha only serve the Indian community?

No. Raksha assists all South Asians. Raksha defines South Asians as people or descendants from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka We do not discriminate on the basis of religion, nationality or language. We also have a multilingual staff to assist our clients with linguistic needs.

We encourage all potential clients, volunteers, and donors to contact us with any questions you have regarding Raksha, Inc.

Raksha, Inc.
P.O. Box 12337
Atlanta, Georgia 30355

Call Raksha toll free:
(1 866) 725-7423
(1 877) 672-5742

Office:(404) 876-0670
Help Line: (404) 842-0725
Fax Line: (404) 876-4525

Email: raksha@raksha.org

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