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Programs & Services

Raksha’s programs and services are designed to be holistic and support domestic violence and sexual assault survivors and their children from the moment they reach out for help until they are living independent and stable lives. This means providing advocacy and counseling to help survivors cope with the trauma of the abuse they have endured. It also means providing support throughout the transition from living in an abusive household to living in an independent, stable setting. We provide culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate services including advocacy, counseling, crisis management, resources/referrals, safety planning, interpretation/translation, economic empowerment and support groups. In addition to these services, we initiate a variety of community and outreach activities.

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Advocacy forms the backbon­e of interventions at Raksha to support survivors of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault.

Advocates provide confidential services to survivors by helping them navigate different systems and strategize for their safety and well being. Advocates typically address a range of issues that survivors must negotiate including legal issues, housing, physical and mental health needs, financial support, children’s issues, etc. Raksha advocates provide non-judgemental support to survivors to ensure that they are heard and understood.

Below are some of the many ways in which our advocates support clients: 

  • Thorough assessment of client situation and needs.
  • Support in situations that clients are otherwise unable to address themselves.
  • Ongoing emotional support.
  • Referrals to legal, medical, shelters and other social service organizations/agencies.
  • Assistance in finding affordable legal counsel (pro-bono/low-bono), help navigate the court system and/or accessing community-based legal programs.
  • Housing assistance with locating affordable housing options.
  • Assistance applying for public benefits, victims compensation, unemployment benefits.
  • Transportation assistance by helping with identifying various options including bus, train, or driving lessons & licensure. 
  • Referrals to ESL (English as Second Language) classes, vocational training and certification classes.
  • Language/cultural specific services.
  • Interpretation/translation services to help navigate the many systems. 
  • Pantry assistance with food, clothing, toys, school supplies etc.
  • Safety planning (more information coming soon)


Raksha serves both children and adult victims and survivors of crime, domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking. We are proud of our Counseling Team who provide culturally sensitive, competent, and ethical services to our clients by prioritizing their needs. 

Some of the services we provide include: initial counseling assessment, crisis management, individual therapy for adults and children, family therapy, and support groups. Our counseling program also trains emerging professionals in the field of mental health.

Counseling and therapy play a critical role in the healing process for individuals, who have suffered severe physical, emotional or psychological trauma. Inability to seek timely help can expose abuse survivors and trauma victims to more severe emotional or psychological struggles and delay the process of healing. 

Individual and family counseling with adults and children allows clients an opportunity to begin to explore issues of self-esteem, boundaries, healing, etc. as related to the abuse. 




At Raksha, we believe that for economic empowerment is crucial for all survivors, whether they are considering leaving their abusive situation or are on the path to recovery from abuse and trauma.

Advocates provide gentle hand-holding to our clients to help them stay on course to healing and empowerment, while they contend with the wide-ranging impacts of financial abuse and dependency.

With the objective of connecting clients to the resources they need to help them regain self-sufficiency and financial independence, we provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Basic survival skills (learning to use public transportation, accessing ESL classes, job search, budgeting, as well as learning the basics of American culture.
  • Job search, resume development, interviewing skills. 
  • Applying for scholarships
  • Support in starting small business development

Children’s Group:

Raksha’s Children’s Group is a mixed aged group for children 3 and up. The group meets once a month for 1.5 hours followed by lunch and playtime. The group is staffed by Rita Patel who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Manisha Lance, Raksha’s Director of Programs and trained volunteers.

The goal of the group is to create a safe place for children who have witnessed and experienced violence and trauma in their homes and others who have experienced similar trauma.

The purpose of the group is to:

  •       explore emotions and experiences
  •       build resiliency
  •       teach coping skills and tools
  •       create access to nature and other elements which are possibly soothing to the nervous system impacted by trauma
  •       create connection to body
  •       provide access to community   

 Some of the themes we work with include:

  •       self-esteem
  •       identifying emotions and expressing emotions
  •       working with boundaries, helping access the experience of safety
  •       helping to access connection to others and helping children know that they are not alone and there is help available

Our Activities include: 

  •       Art (crafts, drawing, painting, journaling, etc.)
  •       Music (use of various sounds and instruments)
  •       Movement (yoga, stretching) 

If you're interested in your children signing up for this program, contact us at:[email protected]


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