Remembering Vinod Devlia

The Raksha family is heartbroken by the passing of Vinod Devlia of Photography by Vinod.  We offer our deepest condolences to his family and friends who are grieving his untimely passing.

Vinod was loved by so many in the community. He was not only the photographer for many Ek Shaam Raksha Ke Naam events but also some of the weddings and events hosted by Raksha board, staff and volunteers. He cared deeply about his family and the community. He always made time to talk to people in the community. When he was in Global mall, he would invite many to the food court for a cup of tea or a snack. He introduced us to some of our favorite items at the food court. He captured some of our happiest moments and at the same time always shared love and offered support when our hearts were hurting. He could see so much from both behind the lens and outside of the lens.

Vinod was a long time friend and supporter of Raksha’s work and he volunteered as our Ek Shaam Raksha Ke Naam photographer for more than 15 years. He was the kind of supporter who we did not have to ask to support us. He would just ask for the date so he could be there. We felt his unconditional love.

We are grateful for his friendship and all the times our paths crossed. Thank you, Vinod, for all the lives you touched and the joy you brought. We will miss you. You will forever be a part of our Atlanta community. Rest in peace. 


The Raksha Family

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