Nine yards of Art: Repurposing saris to art

Wrapping up March – Women’s History Month, with a little pondering on the Saree/ Sari (n.; pronounced as saa-ree). For most South Asians, who grew up in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal or Srilanka (Ceylon), the saree or different versions of it are symbols of femininity, beauty and elegance and tradition.

To some, however, a saree could signify bondage and urge them to repurpose them into art – again, symbolic of healing and resurgence.

Meet Dallas-based artist Bala who recently launched a project, creating a series of paintings on silk with a specific purpose of giving back to the South Asian community – all profit from the sale of paintings on silk sarees will go towards supporting South Asian individuals & families suffering from domestic violence and emotional abuse. 


The three non-profits that will be supported through these paintings are Chicago-based Apna Ghar, Austin-based AFSSA – and Raksha, Inc.

Thank you for your support, and of course your art, Bala!


To read more about this project and browse her artwork, visit her website: Art By Bala

Facebook: @artbybala

Instagram: @artbybala

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