2024 Raksha Art Show

Big appreciation to our venue sponsor Doraville Art Center for your partnership, refreshment sponsor NaanStop, printing support PrePrint, media support TV Asia, The Fab store for their beautiful stoles & sarees, and Peachy Corners Cafe for their flavorful boba teas.

Featured 2024 Artists & Artwork Details

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Afreen Khundmiri “A Message”
Afreen Khundmiri “Kaleidoscopic Care” (SOLD)
Caroline Fernandes “Sacred Feminine- A Manifestation of Divine Energy” (SOLD)
Catherine West “Ghost Ship” (SOLD)
Catherine West “Lost Girls of China”
Deepa Prabhu “Paakhi”
Deepa Prabhu “Charvi”
Geetaa Buttan “Enchanted Collage” (SOLD)
Geetaa Buttan “Veiled Echos”
Govind Poyapakkam “Frequency-of Change” (SOLD)
Govind Poyapakkam “Reslience-of the Pack”
Hamza-Arman “Hang to Dry” (SOLD)
Hamza Arman “Return” (SOLD)
Jaya Saxena “Remember Me?” (SOLD)
Jaya Saxena “Take me as I am” (SOLD)
Jose Juan Lara Jr. “Corazon” (SOLD)
Kamini Anand “Nandi’s-Vigilance” (SOLD)
Kamini Anand “The triumph of Parvati” (SOLD)
Kima Whipple-Jackson “Free Bird” (SOLD)
Kima Whipple-Jackson “Queendom” (SOLD)
Kofo Durojaiye “Efferi” (SOLD)
Kofo Durojaiye “Naivete lost” (SOLD)
Lakshmi Hariharasubramanian “The first journey”
Lata Sharma “Burning Desires”
Lata Sharma “Self-Actualization” (SOLD)
Monica Satoskar “Bonfire” (SOLD)
Monica Satoskar “Molten Depths” (SOLD)
Monika Mittal “Contemplation” (SOLD)
Monika Mittal “Intuition in Purple”
Moutushi Majid “Fly into the stars”
Moutushi Majid “Sticky Notes”
Nandita Godbole “Hungry-Unseen legacies” (SOLD)
Nandita Godbole “Rough Draft/Speechless” (SOLD)
Padmalatha Ravi “I am Still Here” (SOLD)
Rajarajeswari Rajsekaran “Unveiling the inner Durga” (SOLD)
Rajarajeswari Rajsekaran “Veiled Valor Celebrating Women’s Quiet Strength” (SOLD)
Ramya Shivkumar “I see you”
Sadhana Windlass “Resilience” (SOLD)
Sandhya Prathap “Lady in Nature” (SOLD)
Sandhya Prathap “Radha”
Shachi Srivastava “Mother” (SOLD)
Shachi Srivastava “Nurturer” (SOLD)
Shams Kherani “It’s never too late”
Shams Kherani “The Day Dreamer”
Shilpi McReynolds “Rickshaw Puller” (SOLD)
Shilpi McReynolds “Untitled” (SOLD)
Siva Tayi “Swinging into Unknown Future” (SOLD)
Siva Tayi “The Unseen Scars” (SOLD)
Sujatha Maturu “Hibiscus” (SOLD)
Sujatha Maturu “Rajasthani-Village Scene”
Tanjina Islam “Dua” (SOLD)
Tanjina Islam “Immortal Olive Tree”
Veena Potla “Overlay Mandalas”
Veena Potla “Sun & Mood Mandala”

Did you miss our Opening Night on April 27?

Unsung & Unseen: Stories of Resilience & Healing from trauma, conflict & oppression

The 2024 Raksha Art Show intricately weaves the themes of resilience transformation, and healing from trauma, tragedy, personal adversity and global conflicts. This resilience manifests in diverse contexts today, and we see it in the strength that pulls individuals through the darkness of abuse, sexual assault and trauma towards a path of healing and empowerment. It is seen in the endurance of the human spirit amidst the humanitarian crisis in Gaza as well as prolonged crises in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Yemen, Myanmar and in multiple African nations. Sometimes it is seen in the vociferous and relentless courage that challenges oppressive systems; or the quiet fortitude that breaks the shackles of intergenerational trauma and inherited barriers. Harnessing the power of ancestral experiences and wisdom in shaping present and future paths towards overcoming trauma and oppression. With art, we hope to celebrate untold stories of unsung heroes – in our world and faraway – rising above pain, overcoming trauma, creating newer worlds of possibility and hope for future generations. We hope to create spaces of empathy and understanding with an artistic expression of the resilience of the human spirit through pain and suffering. 

This project is supported by: * Grant No. 15JOVW-22-GG-02958-CSSP awarded by the Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Department of Justice. * Grant Number 90EV0054-01-00 from the Department of Health and Human services (DHHS); Administration for Children and Families (ACF); Administration on Children, Youth and Families (ACYF); Family Youth Services Bureau (FYSB); Family Violence Division. The viewpoints contained in this guide are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views or policies of the Administration for Children and Families.

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