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Direct Services

Crisis interventions allow for an immediate source of support in urgent situations that clients are otherwise unable to address themselves.

Employment and education services such as referrals, resume development, interviewing skills, application assistance, etc.

Individual and family counseling with adults and children allows clients an opportunity to begin to explore issues of self-esteem, boundaries, healing, etc. as related to the abuse.

Information and referral provides clients with much needed resources that they otherwise would not know how to obtain. Raksha provides referrals to a network of shelters, legal clinics, medical services, social services and social networking organizations.

Legal and general victim advocacy provides clients the necessary backing to begin to find legal recourse for their situations. Raksha’s staff and trained volunteers provide assistance in finding affordable legal counsel and/or accessing community-based legal programs.

Interpretation and translation services help clients to better understand and negotiate the many systems they may have to interact. Raksha staff also provides interpretation and technical support to mainstream agencies and shelters that serve South Asian women.

Monthly support groups allow Raksha clients to feel a sense of solidarity and security in knowing that they are not alone, while learning about empowerment techniques, belief system, parenting issues, survival skills, self-sufficiency, and independence. The monthly support group for Women and Children are held on the second Saturday of every month. If interested in attending,  please contact us.

Peer support volunteers provide additional support services to clients as needed/requested. Clients are taught basic survival skills (learning to use public transportation, accessing ESL classes, job search, budgeting, helping in buying a vehicle, finding affordable housing, as well as learning the basics of American culture.

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Though we primarily serve the South Asian community, we provide services to all those who face similar barriers to justice, regardless of ability, country of origin, race, religion, caste, socioeconomic status, gender identity, age, immigration status, or sexual orientation.

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